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Eliza Was Here benefit

Mobile Vikings and Eliza Was Here offer you a benefit in Viking Points for all your bookings.

v 81
Viking Point reward
Valid until Dec. 31, 2017

What is Eliza Was Here?

  • Discover new placesFar away from mass tourism.
  • Everything taken care ofIncluding your stay, your plane tickets, and your rental car.
  • Holidays with a themeHoneymoons, culinary trips, travel with kids, or sustainable holidays.
  • Eliza visits all destinations every yearTo ensure their quality.

What do you do?

Unlock this offer
Sign in with your Viking account or register.
1 Go on holiday

And call for free for a whole while.

2 Go to Eliza’s website

Click the red button below to claim your advantage.

3 Book and receive 81 Viking Points

Valid for all your bookings.

More info in our FAQ.

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