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Temporary promotion

Get all your friends aboard the Viking ship. It’ll earn you and your friends both Viking Points. More than enough to surf, call, and text for a good month.

How do I do this?

v 15
Viking Points for you
v 10
Viking Points for your friend

How do you convince your friends?

Here be inspiration and good arguments.

Now your friend gets 10 free Viking Points
Loads of mobile data
Calling and texting other Vikings is free
Earning Viking Points is easy as pie

What are Viking Points?

  • v 1 = € 1 So it’s a form of currency.
  • They are easily earnedBy turning your friends into Vikings, or by using the Viking Deals!
  • You keep your bills lowBecause you use them to pay for your top-ups or your subscription.

How does it work?

1 Refer a friend
Make sure they enter your number, use the link in your profile, or the email tool.
2 Gladly accept the Viking Points
After your friend’s first top-up or payment, you get your Viking Points. After the second, your friends gets the Viking Points as well.
3 Spend your Viking Points
Use them to top up, or to pay for your subscription.

Often asked

Finally answered.


Are there special conditions attached to this action? Do I still need to have a subscription after two months?

Our general Terms and Conditions apply. You can find them here. This promotion is valid for new active Vikings who were referred by an already existing Viking between 7 March 2017 and 31 March 2017.


Why do I only receive 15 Viking Points while my friend only gets 10? After all, he has to pay € 15 for a new mobile number.

Those 10 Viking Points are actually just a nice extra to give our new Vikings a boost. They can of course also convince other people to become Vikings. That way, they will get 15 Viking Points as well.


Why don’t we receive our Viking Points immediately?

We do this to tackle fraud. In the past, we saw that many Vikings always referred themselves as a new Viking in order to gain as many Viking Points as possible. Very clever, but not that nice for us. That’s why we do it this way now.


How do I use my Viking Points to pay for my subscription or prepaid SIM card?

- Do you have a prepaid card? You then choose whether you want to use your Viking Points for your top-up. You also choose how many Viking Points you want to use. Top up through the Viking App or the top-up page.


How can I earn more Viking Points?

You can earn many Viking Points thanks to our Viking Deals! We’ve teamed up with several online shops. If you place an order with them through our website, you’ll get Viking Points instead. Find more information here.


Is it possible to switch to a subscription card if I first chose a prepaid SIM card? Will I still receive my Viking Points?

Of course! We’ll just wait for your second financial transaction before adding the Viking Points to your account.


Can I keep my number when I transfer to Mobile Vikings?

Yes, you can! You can choose to keep your current number when requesting your SIM card. We’ll make sure that your subscription or prepaid card at your old provider is canceled. Just lay back and we’ll do the job!


I referred one or more friends last month, do they now receive 10 Viking Points as well?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to award Viking Points to friends you referred in the past. But do not hesitate to show them the way to our Viking Deals: this can also yield them many advantages!


How many friends can I refer?

As long as the promotion is up and running, there is no maximum. You’ll get 15 Viking Points for each friend, while your friend gets 10 Viking Points.


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