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About VikingCo

VikingCo is not your everyday company. With Mobile Vikings, our core business is telecoms, but few know we also market other products and services.

VikingCo prefers to do things its own way (Vikings have been called stubborn), so we are developing our own top-notch software platform that allows us to offer additional services to our Vikings and other communities, and to easily integrate with partners in our innovative ecosystem.

Company Values

  • We take ownership

    We identify opportunities and stare risks in the face. With our hands-on mentality, we make it happen!

  • Together we stand stronger

    By cooperating internally and externally, we create added value with & for others. We embody the 1+1=3 principle.

  • We embrace the power of our community-driven approach

    We cherish and leverage the power of our community. The added value we create for our members is our leading paradigm.

  • Act as an ecosystem builder

    We share knowledge, empower others, grow together.

  • Non-conformism is in our DNA

    We challenge the mainstream, do the right thing in a disruptive, fun way. This is how we make the impossible possible.

Headquarter @ Corda Campus

The innovative heart of Limburg, Belgium

VikingCo milestones

How did we start? Where are we now? The highlights of VikingCo.


250.000 Vikings

And we’re not even close to stopping!

De Grote Mobile Vikings Koffieklets - Pop-up store on the Meir

During De Grote Mobile Vikings Koffieklets, you discover life as a Mobile Viking. Get to know our offer while sipping a latte.

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